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Corrupt a file.

Do you have a report that you can't finish? Are you getting tired with this PowerPoint Document? We'll corrupt your File.

Drag your documents, photos, or videos to start uploading.


How to corrupt a file ?

Just follow this simple & easy steps in order to corrupt a file.

Upload your file

Select a file from your computer / phone you want to corrupt.

Download your file

Wait a little bit and click the download button once your file is ready.



Our tools advantages

Totally free to use

We believe that out tools should be free to use for everyone, because these tools were created by developers for developers.

Our tools advantages

Do more with less

All the tools in one place, with a simple and intuitive UI makes it easy to find what you need. Everything is instantly available at your fingertips.

Our tools advantages

Compatible with all devices

All-in-one is a browser-based application that works on any platform. No software needs to be downloaded or installed.

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